Developed in the year 2021 as a browser extension, Phantom wallet help you work your way with the Solana blockchain that too in an easy manner. When it was launched initially, it did not support even the popular web browsers. But, as the time passed by and users started demanding its support for different browsers, Phantom wallet extensions were made available on Brave, Edge, and Firefox browsers. In addition to that, they had also developed the iOS app for iPhone users in the year 2022.

    As a result of this, it managed to attract a lot of users from different regions giving them the opportunity to send, swap, or stake crypto tokens as well as NFTs through its network. Thus, if all these features attract you to using this wallet service, then you should read this informative piece to get started with it.
    What is Phantom (Phantom)?
    Built as a decentralized cryptocurrency wallet, this is a non-custodial wallet service that allows users to use its exclusive trading features (send, receive, or swap cryptos) that too without having to disclose their private keys to anyone. This means, that if you are using the Phantom wallet, then you will have absolute control over your private keys and you can ensure that your funds are completely safe from any kind of hacking activity. Now, to start using it, you can follow the stages given below.

    There are a few stages involved in this procedure that allow you to use the Phantom wallet on your device. For this, you can follow through with the stage-wise process listed below;

    So, let’s begin learning the stage-wise procedure one by one so that you can understand the concept behind it clearly.

    Learn how to download Phantom wallet
    To download and add one of the Phantom wallet extensions, here are the procedures to follow:

    Now that you are done with the process to add Phantom wallet to your device, let us show you how you can set up a new wallet.
    Set up a new Phantom crypto wallet
    In order to set up a new crypto wallet Phantom, the easy to follow steps have been listed below:

    In case you already have a wallet, then you can also recover the pre-existing wallet by tapping on the “Use secret recovery phrase” option on the main screen of Phantom wallet.

    The Phantom Wallet sign in procedure
    To sign in to your Phantom wallet, here are the easy to follow proceedings you can go ahead with:

    Through this read, we have clearly shown you how you can download, set up, and sign in to your Phantom wallet. Once you have access to this wallet, you can easily log in to it and then undergo the procedure for buying Phantom wallet NFT.